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Physical therapy to heal my leg injured because of war in Syria

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Nice to meet you! My name is Firaz. I'm a Syrian living in Turkey.

I suffered an attack by extremists in Syria and got injured my leg. I still need physical therapy to heal.

War wounds

Currently, I'm living in Turkey.

6 years ago, when I was at college, a group of extremists attacked the school and fired the students. I got hurt on legs and hands.

Many students lost their life during the attack.

Fortunately, I was able to go to Turkey as refugee and there I received treatment free of charge. I've received surgery 3 times so far.

I can't move my feet properly

As I've explained I've receive surgery thanks to Turkish government.

However, surgery is not enough and to be able to heal and use my leg normally I should do physical therapy, that is not possible to be held in a public hospital.

Currently I can't have a normal life working and hanging out with friends because my mobility is not good.

I even have to miss class, and I can't practice sport. It's really hard not being able to completely heal.

Without rehabilitation, I can't heal

I'm studying Chemistry at University, here in Turkey. I'm living with other college mates.

Turkish government is helping me to pay the 75% of tuition fee, and also my dad is supporting as much as he can in my daily life expenses.

I should do physical therapy during one year to get better, but my family can't afford more expenses.

If I don't receive the treatment I will need always help to walk, so this is really important for me.

Details on needed funds

I would be eternally greatful if you can help me raise $1,300 to pay the physical therapy and finally heal.


If I can get enough support, I will start the treatment as soon as possible.

I will go to the cheapest private hospital I have found in Istambul and I will do my best to get better. I will need to go very frequently to receive the therapy (a couple of times per week during the first months).

When I graduate, I would like to find a job in Turkey.

I won't forget the incident that happened to me but with physical therapy I would be able to walk normally again and life will be better!

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