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I want join culinary school!

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Hello, I'm Dinar from Indonesia. I'm working as freelance writer.

My dream is become chef who can open my own restaurant and with that I can support my family finances.

Cooking is healing time.

Since I was child I love being on the kitchen and help my mom cooking. And until now when I feel upset or not happy cooking always cured me.

I want gain more knowledge about culinary.

Debt make me struggle

My parents were in debt and that make me have to quit school. It is hard for me to find a job because my education background and my age.

Sometimes I participate in writing contest and couple of time I win and the money I get, I use to pay of my parents' debt.

I make and sell cookies to support myself and my family. But is not enough because I have a sister who's still at school and I don't want make my sister feel what I feel.

Help my family

With the improvement of my education and skills I can find job and open my own restaurant to support my family income.

Details on needed funds

For two years I'm saving $270 and for the tuition of the school I want join it takes $5500.


The school will start on April 2019. I want to learn culinary art.

Right now I take part time job as writer ($10/month), and also I sell my cookies to help my parents and my sister.

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