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Meeting my family and friends in Korea

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Hi, I am Tom from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am 23 years old.

I have lived in America my whole life and I wish to see my family and friends that live in Korea. I have only been to Korea 1 time, 16 years ago.

I would like to see my family and friends in Korea

I am a Korean American man. I would like to reconnect to my Korean heritage. Lately I have become interested in Korea and it's culture.

Lack of funds

I am not being paid much at my job and my family's business is not doing well at the moment.

I don't have many friends, so I can't ask them for help either.

Long distance relationships

I would like to reconnect with my relatives who I have not seen in 16 years.

My uncle died, so I would like to visit his grave.

Recently I started an long distance relationship with another Airtripp user from Korea, so I would like to meet with them.


I will use the funds for the plane ticket. If there is extra money I will use it for various expenses.


I planned to go to Korea by November or December if I can achieve my target goal, but if I don't I will try my best to save.

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