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Help Save My Daughter's Eyesight

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My daughter was born on September last year. When she was just 2 months old, I noticed something off about her eyes. Instead of having normal black on the center of her eyes, hers were gray in color. We decided to observe if there would be changes thinking that it might be normal because we haven't heard about cases like hers. And now she is 4 months old and nothing changed. We also tried to show things to her and she would not acknowledge it. She only reacts to sunlight. And just days ago I noticed a white jelly-like appeared on her right pupil. That is when I realized that it is something serious. So we had her checked to a pediatrician. We were told that she had congenital cataract which broke my heart. And so we were asked to visit an eye specialist. So we bisited one this morning and the doctor told us that her eyes should be treated as soon as possible. But we are short of funds that is why I am asking for your help. I hope that you will find it in your heart to help us save my daughter's eyesight. Your help would be gladly appreciated. Thank you in advance and Godbless you all.

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