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We need help to rent an apartment!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Daniel and I live with my family in Lagos, Nigeria!

My family needs some help to rent an apartment, as we currently don't have a house.

Our previous house was sold by the owner

I was living with my mum and my brother in a rented house.

The owner of the house sold it last February and we had to left. Currently, we are living in our friends place.

Our friend has a big family and we are living now all together and a small space, which is very uncomfortable for them.

Also, when they have visitors we need to leave the house and we don't have where to go.

My mum is hypertensive and she is getting worse because of stress

My mum is very worried because we're bothering our friends and we don't have our own house.

She is hypertensive and when she is stressed she always gets worse, what makes me worry about her health.

If possible, I would like to move to our own place to stop causing troubles to our friends.

The problem is that we have to afford a whole year of renting to be able to move to a place, and we are not able to pay it as we don't have savings.

We can't afford a new apartment

Currently I'm working in a store and my monthly income is $55.

My mum is also working in a small shop. My little brother has 15 years old and he is going to school. My dad passed away a few years ago.

We just have $100 saved, and with that is impossible to pay everything we need to rent an apartment. We really need your help!

Details on needed funds

To pay the rent and to buy some essencial furniture as beds, we would need $850 plus our savings.


Honestly, we need to move as soon as possible.

We will rent the apartment and move as soon as we collect enough funds to pay it. Thank you very much for your help!

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