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I want to build a house for my mum!

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Hello all! My name is Ruth and I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic!

I want to raise funds to be able to build a house for my mum.

Afraid of being kicked out of the house

My mum is working as a house cleaner.

Her job depends on the number of clients she has. A while ago, we couldn't pay the rent and we were kicked out the house.

My mum is always worried about this to happens again.

But if I can build a house for her she won't be afraid anymore and she will be able to have some peace in her life.

My strong and dedicated mum

I'm working as a dental assistant, getting $250 per month.

I have 4 siblings but only 2 of them have a job. My dad left us many years ago and my mum had to take care of all of us by herself, without nobody's help.

I just want to give back to my mum everything she has done for me.

And I just want her to be happy living in her own house and having and independent and easy life.

A carpenter we know will build the house

We're thinking of asking a carpenter we know to build the house, as we can't do it by ourselves.

First of all, I need to buy a piece of land, that is the most expensive thing, and after that, build a house depending on the budget we have. The ideal thing would be to have 2 rooms, but if it's impossible, only 1 room would be nice too! It will be made by wood.

Our current savings are not so big.

We are going to try to save enough until February, at least around $700 between my siblings.

Details on needed funds

Then, to buy the land and to get the tools and material, we would like to raise $1,900 that will be added to our savings to finish this project.


It would be nice to start building the house around February of next year.

If possible, we will build the house to have it ready on spring of next year.

If we can't collect enough funds we will just buy the land and when we have enough savings we will start building the house.

Please, help me and my family to make this dream come true!

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