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Hi and good day everyone. I owned a house and let my brother to stay there as he was taking care of my diabetic mother. I told my brother that he can stay in the house as long as he wants provided he paid the monthly installement to the bank. He stayed there for 10 years with his family of 4 children, wife and my mum. All this time i was away abroad working and will send money every month to pay for my mothers medical expenses. Finally two years ago i came back to my hometown for a one months visit and after a month i wanted to go back abroad but was stopped at the immigrations and told that i have been declared a bankrupt and asked me to go and check on the details. When i went to the relevant authorities i was told that i was made a bankrupt because i did not pay my housing loan installement to the bank for few years and efforts to contact me failed as i was abroad. My brother got the notices from banks and court but hid it from me. Finally the house was auctioned and my brother paid in cash and bought the house at the auction for him. Now i have lost my well paid job abroad and have no job as its dificcult to get a job when you are above 50 years of age and a bankrupt. No banks would give me loan and life has been difficult  and the amount needed to clear my bankruptcy is USD 40 thousand and there is no way for me to raise that amount of money when i am jobless. So i guess i have to take my bankruptcy status to the grave. I have no house, no car and no job as such i humbly ask for some assistance to carry on with my life. The fund will be used for food and to rent a house as i have nowhere to stay from end of this month onwards. Thank you so much

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