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Study in Malaysia and work abroad!

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Hello! My name is Jerin Joy (also known as Jerry) and I live in Kerala State, India!

My dream is to study HOTEL MANAGEMENT in an University in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

To have a future in Malaysia

I've never had the opportunity to go to University. My dream is to study in Malaysia to be able to work there when I graduate.

I need help to make my dream come true because my money is not enough to fulfill my biggest ambition.

My family's economy is average: My father is a driver and mum works in a store. I also have a sister, who is a student and I'm working in a store too.

They have enough money to pay their daily life expenses, but they are not able to pay for me a tuition fee abroad.

A dream about the future

If I can make this dream come true my live will be improved and I will have a lot of opportunities to work and have a bright future.

After graduating I will try to find a job in a nice hotel to keep learning and start making money that can help me support my family in India.

In the meanwhile I'm planning to investigate and learn more about hotel management and business.

In the future, after saving enough money, I'm thinking to run my own business, consisting in a chain restaurant like KFC, McDonald's or Dominos pizza, but with our traditional Kerala's gastronomy, and spread internationaly my culture in the world.

Details on needed funds

I would need help to afford the following expenses:

・Tuition fee: $1,750

・Lodging: $690

・Flight ticket and visa: $700


I would like to move to Malaysia and the end of next year. Until then, I will keep saving all the money I can to be able to pay for my daily life expenses once there.

After graduating in University I will do everything I can to be able to stay in Malaysia and find a job there related to hotels, so I can save enough money and even support my family.

I will do my best to success in my study and work in Malaysia!

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