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Help the Osteomyelitis patients at Katalemwa cheshire home!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Birungi Gillian and I'm from Kampala, Uganda!

I'm running this project because I want to raise some funds to pay the treatment of some patients of Osteomyelitis!

Osteomyelitis: bone infection

Katalmwa Cheshire Home is a NGO where they are trying to help people with disabilities.

There are some patientes who are suffering what is called as Osteomyelitis, that is a bone infection, a serious disease. Most of the patientes eventually need surgery, and most of them can't afford the expenses.

Currently, there are 8 patientes here who really need to go under surgery as soon as possible. I've helped 2 already, but I need some help to be able to help the other 6.

Volunteering at Katalmwa Chesire Home

My brother is a Osteomyelitis patience, and after he went under surgery he started rehabilitation at Katalmwa Cheshire Home, a couple of years ago.

Since then, I visit the place very frequently and do volunteer job, sharing my nurse knowledge to help people there.

Thanks to my volunteering activities I got really close with some of the patientes. Many of them hasn't family, and I really want to help them feel comfortable and loved.

I also want to financially support those patientes, but it's difficult o collect the amount they need for surgery, treatment and rehabilitation expenses.

I can't do this alone

I'm working as a nurse in a regular clinic.

In order to help the other 6 patientes I would need to collect $1,200 that is almost impossible for me, with my salary. As I explained, I managed to help 2 so I almost ran out of savings.

Currently, I just have $100, but I would like to ask you for some more help to collect the rest.

Details on needed funds

With $1,100 I will be able to help 6 more Osteomyelitis patientes to get the treatment they need!


Everything I collect with this project will be use for the medical treatment of those patientes. In case I success I will be able to pay the full treatment and surgery for 6 more people!

I will have to move to another district on September due to work, so I would really love to collect the amount before then, to be able to help the patientes before leaving.

I would be really grateful if you can support them to get back normal eventhough if it's a small amount. If I cannot meet the target fund, I will keep continue supporting them as I always do even though it takes more time!

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