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I want to fix a water pipeline broken during a storm

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Nice to meet you! My name is Atif and I'm living in Karachi, Pakistan.

I would like to raise funds to be able to fix a water pipeline in my village, that has been damaged in a storm.

8 deadly victims by drinking dirty water

Currently, I'm living in Karachi, but I'm from Naran valley.

Every year, during the rainy season there are heavy rains that causes floods. During this year's rainy season a flood caused damage in the water pipeline of our village.

Currently, around 700 people is not able to drink clean water.

It's a poor area, villagers work on agriculture and there are also shepherds. As young people leave to live in the city, many elderly people live in the village.

Up to now, 8 villagers have died due to bacterial infection. Most of the deceased are elderly.

We can't afford to fix the pipeline

We've asked for help to the government, but they say that there is no money to fix the water pipeline.

People living in the area is not able to donate enough money to fix the pipeline. I was about to give up when I saw a project in Airtripp Funding to raise money to fix a water pipeline and I thought that we could ask for help too! Maybe, this is our last chance!

I hope you can support our village too!

Also, some degraded parts need to be replaced too

The pipeline was broken due to the flood, as I explained.

Also, there are other parts that aren't so damaged but need to be reinforced and covered, to prepare them for next rainy season.

We would like to fix and repair any damaged part in the pipeline so it can be used safely in the future.

If the rusted part of the pipeline is replaced, it should be hard to break, and that should be a way to get ready for next year rainy season!

Details on needed funds

We need $2,500 to fix our water pipeline! I will use my savings so with $2,000 should be enough!


As soon as I receive the funds I will go to my village to deliver the collected amount. We will start repairing all damaged parts, so the people can start drinking water without putting their health at risk.

With your precious help, we could be able to fix and reinforce our water pipeline!

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