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I want to save my van from being repossesed.

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I used the van daily for my business, I need the van to support the business and the my family income. If the van repossessed I will be in deep financial difficulty to support my family. I couldn't pay several months due to low business income last year. This year business is getting better and I can repay the installments. The financier however sent demand the whole outstanding, I don't have the capacity to repay the whole lump sum amount.

I have my wife, 2 kids and parents to support. My second child just born Oct 2018, which cost me alot for the surgery. I'm writing here as I'm out of options for help. I promise repay those kind hearted people who helped me. 

I need at least $1200 to pay the financier. Total arrears from the financier $2,645.00.

Thank you.


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