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Help to buy medicines for my mum!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Jidapa Janpleng and I live in Bangkok, Thailand!

I need help for my mum, as she is suffering 3 different diseases.

My dad has got a new family

My dad is a teacher and my mum is not working because of her delicate health.

5 years ago we used to have a happy life without economic problems, but my dad left my mum so she has being living alone during all these past years.

Since then, my mum hasn't been able to be happy again, and now she has to fight against 3 different diseases.

Not enough money to get her medication

My mum has Hyperthyroidism, Systemic lupus erythematosus and Epilepsy.

She has to take different medication daily, like Phenobarbital and some painkillers, expending more than $80 every month. I'm sending my mum around $70 by month from my own salary.

My monthly income is $300, but daily expenses in Bangkok are too expensive so I can't send my mum all the money she needs.

I have a sister who is living in Germany, and she is the one who is paying the bank loan.

I want to give my mum as a present all the funds she needs

She is suffering pain in bones and joints, hair loss and many other symptoms.

For that, I want to help my mum by giving her as a present some funds to pay her medication and daily life expenses. I've saved $200, but it's not enough to help her to buy her medicines in a daily basis.

I hope you can help me to pay my mum's medication!

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $700 to give my mum her medication and help her with the daily expenses!


I will go directly to my mum's place to give her as a present everything I collect. If she can take her medication and go to the doctor, I know that she will be much better!

In case I can't collect enough founds I will try to think another ways, like a bank loan! I would feel really bad if I can't help my mum.

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