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I want to raise funds to complete our local church!

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How are you doing? My name is Bagus Irawan Saputra and I'm from Indonesia!

I'm running this project to raise some funds that will be used on the construction of our local church!

Our previous church was banned

On July of 2012 our church was banned by the local government and it turned an abandoned building.

Currently, that building is on sale and our congregation had to find a new place to pray. Fortunately we managed to build a temporary church.

Our congregation's target is to complete the construction of the church and make it a permanent place to pray and practice our religion.

Seeking financial support for our church

Our congregation is raising funds to be able to complete the church.

We've made a report and a detailed budget about everything we need and started to seek help from the congregation and other Christian friends.

People is trying to contribute what they can.

I would really like to contribute too, as the total cost is around $17,000. However, I'm jobless so it's difficult for me to collaborate.

Doing my best to improve our community

This is not the first time that I'm trying to do something for my community.

Last year I raised funds in Airtripp Funding to get support for the victims of an earthquake. I've raised more than $300 that I used to get food and supplies for the victims.

In the future, when I get a job, I will keep contributing to society and I will change from fundraiser to donor!

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise at least $500 that will be used to pay building material for the church. I hope for everyone's support!


All collected funds will be used in the construction of the church.

I would like to raise enough funds by April. In case I can't collect enough funds here I will keep trying on other place.

I would really appreciate your collaboration! Thank you very much!

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