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A Camera For A Passionate Creator

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Hi everyone!

My name is Winifred Kal. I'm an English graduate from a federal university in Nigeria and also I a content creator!

I would like to raise some funds to be able to buy a good camera and improve my YouTube channel content!

Increasing my followers

I started my own channel in YouTube a few years ago.

The name of my YouTube channel is "Winifred Kal", and I talk about fashion, dance, etc. I have about $1,400 at the moment this project content was written.

For a reason, my followers are started to increase recently and I would really love to provide them a better content, which is why I need a good camera.

Looking for my own path

I've just graduated from university and currently still looking for a job while doing part time job as an event planner.

Fortunately, I have a job, but it's part-time, so I don't really make enough money to be able to save some.

At my workplace, I usually create different content for every event. It was my job, but it also became my hobby!

Now, I also have my own youtube channel so I can keep improving on the content I create. I never had money to buy myself a camera, so I have been using my smartphone camera to record videos for my channel so far.

My savings are not enough

If possible I would like to purchase a Canon g7x mark II camera.

It's a camera that costs about $500 and I don't think I can save more than $200 after a huge effort.

I live alone, I'm taking care of my own expenses and I'm trying not to rely on my parent's help, as they need to take care of my 5 siblings.

Details on needed funds

I would really appreciate if you can help me raise $300 to be able to have enough to purchase a good camera that allows me to improve my content!


If I manage to success, I will buy the camera I need to improve my YouTube channel content!

I will start my tour in August and would like to record a lot of content during my tour, so I would like to purchase the camera at the end of July if posibble!

I will really appreciate any little help! Thank you very much!

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