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My wife has an undiagnosed brain problem

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Last year after a week my wife delivery our boy, she developed a kind of head uncomfortable until present more than 4 months. We have been seen a lot of neurologist and neurosurgeon, but no one seems to know what is happening inside her pontine lesion. 

She's constantly having compression on the head, moving sensation inside the head. Extreme uncomfortable, ever since that she's unable to do daily activities, even go out shopping mall walk less than 5 minutes have to return. 

We have gone through 3T MRI test and go to university hospital to look for professor for help. Unfortunately we can't get any answer. Medication given but its not helping her reduce or ease the symptoms. 

I hope by this crowd funding I could fundraiser 12,000 Usd for us to go to Jacksonville, Florida. To seek help from neurologist Dr Ryan J. Uitti at Mayo Clinic with their better technology and knowledge. 

Hope you all may help my wife ease her pain and resume her daily activity. 




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