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I need funds to be able to deliver my baby in a hospital

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Nice to meet you! I'm Ogunjimi Aderonke and I live in Lagos, Nigeria.

I'm about to deliver my baby and I'm truly worried because I don't how how I'm going to afford the hospital and the baby expenses.

Without health insurance

Soon, I will become a mother of a baby boy.

I'm a new mother and I would like to give birth in a hospital for safety but I don't have health insurance, which unfortunately is very common in my country.

If I want to deliver my baby in a hospital I will need to fully pay all the medical expenses. The other option is to give birth at home, which is dangerous.

My savings are not enough

When a baby is born many things have to be bought for his care.

I've some savings, but if I use them to buy all what my baby needs we won't be able to pay the rent.

For all those reasons I would really appreciate any little help you could give me from the bottom of my heart.

Economic situation in my family

I'm married but unfortunately my husband hasn't got a job.

He is searching a job, but he didn't find one so far. I do have a job, but as I'm about to deliver I currently can't work so our economic situation is getting worse.

Once I have my baby I would like to start working as soon as I can because nobody else can help me in my whole family.

Details on needed funds

I would need $2,000 to be able to afford the hospital expenses and everything my baby will need when born.


If I can collect enough funds I will deliver my baby in the hospital. I'm running out of time.

As soon as I can I will do my best to go back to work and fix the economic situation of my family.

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