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A little help to expand my second hand clothes business!

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Hello! My name is Jullie and I live in Kisumu, Kenya!

In order to improve many aspects of me and my family life I would like to open a shop of second hand clothes!

Selling at the roadside doesn't give benefits

In January of this year I started to sell second hand clothers.

In order to start my business my family supported me economically. I get the clothes from another city and I sell them on the streets of my town.

Selling outdoors has many disadvantages regarding with weather, as it's really hard to sell during rainy or really hot days.

Difficulties when searching for a job

My parents are both school teachers.

Their monthly income is low, and paying the school tuition of their children makes to save money and impossible task.

The truth is that I always wanted to go to college, but we hadn't enough money to pay for it.

Finding a job in Kenya is very difficult and even sometimes you have to pay money to the employeer in order to get that job. My only option is to do my best by myself.

Willing to study in University

If I can increase my sales and get benefits I would like to help my family.

My dad wants to retire, but it's difficult for him as he has to pay my siblings school tuition. Also, the house where they are living is old and broken in many points.

If I have benefits in my business I can help to pay the school fees and my dad will normally retire.

Also, I will be able to go to college and search for the bright future I'm dreamming about by studying Information and Communication Technologies.

Details on needed funds

As I've managed to save $100 I just need $300 to make my dream come true!


I would love to open my shop before the end of this year. I could start preparing the shop during Christmas and open it on January. In the meanwhile I will keep selling my clothes on the streets of my town.

As soon as I start getting benefits I will be able to help my family.

Also, I will study Information and Communication Technology in University to be able to apply all acquired knowledge in my business to make it grow and be able to hire 2 or 3 people!

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