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I need a new computer for my studies!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Nataly Martinez and I'm from Honduras!

I'm running this project because I need some help to get a new computer, that is needed for my studies!

I need a computer to write essays and for homework

I'm studying Law at University.

In order to get good grades, I need to write a lot of essays and to a lot of homework. For that, a computer is absolutely necessary.

My country is not in the best situation right now, it has been a month that electricity has been cut sometimes, so my old computer just burned out and now I have no chance to buy another one because I don’t have the money.

I need to borrow a computer from school mates

I'm working part time, but my monthly income is low.

I pay for my own school tuition and expenses, so saving money it's quite difficult for me.

College is becoming more hard and expensive because of my computer got broken. Now I have to pay for someone who lend me their computer.

I really need one so I can keep going with my studies and don’t give up because is too expensive.

Government is stealing our money

My parents are not currently working because they are retired.

However, the government is not giving them their retirement payment, so it's a really hard moment for us.

The economy right now at my country is everyday worst, everything is becoming more expensive but our salary is still the same. Right now in my country we’re facing a really hard time, violence and death due to the economy and political crisis.

Details on needed funds

I just need to raise $550 to be able to buy a new computer. It doesn’t matter if no is the most modern and pretty one I just need can be able to do my homework and finish college.


If can achieve get a computer I’ll be able to progress my study and stop worrying about how I’ll get the money for get my homework done.

Instead of that, I can make some money by doing essays for other people (I’m a really good student and I have really good grades) that ask me for it.

At this time it's more than an obligation for me to get my computer. Basically, without a computer I won't be able to finish my studies and graduate.

If I can't collect enough funds, I’ll still working hard at my part time job and try to save as much as I can to get my computer, maybe I’ll look for another job but now is really difficult to find a job, especially a good one. I really hope I can receive some support to be able to keep studying!

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