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Help me restore my father-in-law's face

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In 2008 he had a severe cancer in his mouth, since then he lost half of his tongue and part of his jawbone , he only breathes through his nose and when he gets a cold its very hard to breath. He suffered a lot in his life he had leprosy, due to the advanced state of leprosy he amputated his toes on both feet, and has to use a special shoes which are very expensive. He can't eat well and has developed anemia, and suffers of depression and low self steam. That's his grandson by his side, I took them to the park, for a walk and that's when he asked me to help him some how keep up with treatment expenses and try to find a miracle and help him restore his face and health, I make minimum wage working as a construction helper in Brazil, I have 3 daughters and one son and is hard as it is for us to keep up with expenses as it is,  so we need this money to buy medicine for him, take a taxi or a bus to take him to the doctors, and pay for exams,  but I am out on a mission and asking you to please help me help him, help us. Donate as much as your heart desires, so we can buy his medication and shoes bescause the shoes wear out time to time and medication is expensive, and a found a place for him to do a facial reconstruction but it is so expensive. But with your help we can slowly but surely get there.

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