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Funds for paying my dad's surgery for his heart myxoma

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Nice to meet you! My name is Katherine Molina and I live in Valencia, Venezuela.

My dad is suffering a heart myxoma and he needs surgery to be able to cure his disease.

Suffering a heart myxoma

My dad is 53 years old and he has a heart myxoma.

He became ill time ago but as the symptoms didn't appear until July, we didn't realized that he was so sick.

A heart myxoma is a heart tumor. The only way to remove it is by surgery. If it's not removed it can grow and finally stop the heart.

My dad is not able to work because of his disease, as he easily gets tired.

Surgery is only possible in a private hospital

Venezuela is suffering an economic and politic crisis that affects many aspects of daily life.

Value of money is low. Public hospitals are lacking in medicines and power outages are really frequent.

To be able to do the surgery we need to go to Barquisimeto, Venezuela, to a hospital named Ascardio. But private hospitals requires a huge amount of money.

In a country where a person earns $1 a day, paying a treatment of $150 is impossible.

A difficult life

I'm just receiving $30 per month for my work.

My dad can't work due to his health condition and I need to support my family with my salary. I have four siblings and also a daughter.

In these circumstances is impossible to save money and afford our daily expenses.

It's really important to us to receive some help to be able to pay the surgery for my dad and save his life!

Details on needed funds

We hope you can help us to collect $1,000 for the surgery of my dad as our current savings are only $200.


If we raise the funds we will go to Barquisimeto so my dad can receive the surgery. After that the whole family will take care of him until his fully recovery.

My dad will also need postoperatory treatment during a couple of months. Thank you in advance for your help!

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