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Please Help me As a Human being I Need your help badly !

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Please Help Me As a Human Being.A little help from you can change my Life :)

Hello,I'm Sultana Razia.I'm a housewife.My husband was died on 2010 9th October.I have two sons.We are not financially strong.We are struggling from 2010 to till now.Sometimes I worked others houses for manage my daily food and needs.Now this like impossible to maintain my family and sons Studies for financial problem.For that I decided to Grow a business.I had some amount of money that i used to build my business.But that wasn't enough to Grow my business.Now I highly need some money to Grow my business.I wanted help from my friends and family but they are like they will not help me.In this situation i feeling so much alone in this planet.If you guys can please help me.I will be so much happy.I promise you guys i will pray for you to God.God bless you all.

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