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I want to improve my banana plantation!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Shadrach and I am from Nigeria!

I'm raising funds to be able to improve my banana plantation!

I'm supporting my siblings

I lost my parents long ago. First, my dad, 15 years ago.

A few years later, my mum passed away, and now I'm living with my siblings. I'm the first child, so it's my responsibility to take care of my younger siblings.

Working as a farmer, I just get a very low salary, and I don't have a way to take care of our banana plantation and get more benefits that could help me to improve my family's daily life.

We have been through very hard times

Last year, a flood destroyed our house

We have no other choice than start from scratch, for what I asked for some support here.

We managed to get ahead with our life and now I'm growing bananas for a living.

The monthly income I get is not enough to pay all our daily expenses, but I think that could be solved if I improve somehow the plantation.

This is all for my siblings

Since I am the first born, I have huge responsibilities on me to pay my siblings school fees, the house rent and feeding expenses.

If the plantation grows better, the benefits will increase. And that will help me to support my family properly.

The problem is that with my current salary, I have no way to improve the plantation, and that's why I'm asking you some help.

Details on needed funds

In order to improve the plantation, buy some pesticides and insecticides, I would like to raise $715. I will appreciate any little support!


I will use all collected funds to improve my farm.

First, we plan to buy high priority gardening products such as fertilizers and pesticides. Our situation is hard, so I would like to ask for some support as soon as possible.

If everything is okay, I will be able to further support my family with the benefits.

If I can't collect any support, I don't have another way except keep doing my best. I really hope I can receive some support! Thank you very much in advance.

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