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I want to leave Syria to study in University in Turkey.

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Nice to meet you! I'm from Syria and my name is Mohammed!

My dream is to study in University and as I can't do it in my own country due to war, I would like to move to Turkey.

Feeling insecurity everyday

The situation in Syria is really bad since 2011, due to a civil war.

When I was in high school it was dangerous even to be at school. I always wanted to go to University but many of them are being destroyed, along with many other buildings like hospitals.

The rubbles of many buildings are still scattered on the roads and the view is scary. It's difficult to have a normal life in a country plunged in war.

But I don't want to give up my dream! For that, I wish to move to Turkey, which is a very welcoming country to Syrians and its receiving many of us as refugees.

The university I would like to join

I would like to study in Harran University. I'm already investigating about it.

There are many facilities offered to Syrian students. The state allocates specific seats for us and registration fees are symbolic also. I can even take classes in my language!

My dream is to study Food engineering, which is a rare specialty in my country despite its importance.

In the future I would like to become a contributing member in rebuilding my country.

Already preparing myself to go to Turkey!

I'm saving around $800 thanks to the help from my parents. Currently I'm not working but I used to work with my father in agriculture.

I've a big family of 4 brothers and 2 sisters. They are not planning to enter in Turkey with me.

I've already obtained university admission, so from now on it will be easier to get the permission to enter Turkey.

That means that my dream is already half fulfilled. I'm already in contact with Harran University and what I just need is economic support to complete this vital objetive.

Details on needed funds

As you can imagine, expenses are a lot: Flight ticket, logding, daily life expenses, etc. To start I need $2,000. I already have $800 so I'm asking for help to collect the remaining amount.


I would like to enter University next year on February. My idea is to find also a part-time job that helps me afford all the daily life expenses.

When I graduate I will stay in Turkey a little while, until the situation in my country gets better.

Then, I will come back to my country to contribute in its rebuilding. Thank you very much for reading my story!

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