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I want to start my life in another city!

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Hi everyone!

I'm Bianca Sarah from Quixada, Brazil!

I would like to raise some funds that could help me move to another city and start a new life!

A bad environment

My current city is in Northern Brazil.

It's not a comfortable city to live. There is a lack of employment, poor public transportation and health services, no investment in culture or art...

I have the dream to start walking with my own legs to achieve a better future, but for that to happen I have to move to a city, and that is Foz do Iguaçu.

Foz is going to change my life.

The reasons I explained before are not the only ones. There is one more reason why I want to move to Foz.

If I move, I will be able to live my religion without being a victim of prejudice. I'm Muslim and In my current city I can not live my faith as I would like.

In Foz I will feel free to live my faith, as there are a big muslim community, mosques, etc.

There are also more job opportunities, and I know that Foz is going to change my life if I manage to move there.

I want to keep studying as well

Currently I'm studying at University.

If I manage to move, I would like to keep studying and graduate, so I want to transfer to another University.

If I reach my goal I will be able to move to another city in January and start studying as well, but if I do not I will miss one year of university.

Details on needed funds

I would need $1,600 to be able to buy the flight ticket and afford various expenses during the first months. I do not have any savings, but I intend to sell my personal belongings and I will get about $300.


If everything is okay I would like to move on January of next year.

If possible, I would like to keep studying as soon as possible, and also find a good job in Foz.

In case I can't receive enough support, I will still in the same situation, because I have not any one to support me or to help me to go to that city.

I would be eternally grateful for your cooperation! Thank you very much in advance!

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