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Help to afford a treatment to heal the injuries in my legs.

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Nice to meet you! My name is Francisca and I'm from Surabaya, Indonesia.

My legs got injuried due to an accident. I need money to pay the treatment and heal, because the pain is too hard.

An accident with my bike

About one month ago I fell down from my bike and I got hurt.

That time I could receive some treatment to heal the wounds but it has not been enough and now my family can't afford more medicines. I even don't know if my leg is broken or not.

I'm receiving massages and some natural medicine but is not having any effect.

We can't afford the treatment

My parents are working in a factory and their monthly income is $138. They have to take care of me and another 2 children, and pay our school fees.

I know I need to go to the hospital to heal my leg, but in this situation is almost impossible. Pain doesn't let me sleep.

I could repeat a grade in school

I barely can walk so these days I'm not going to school.

If I keep being absent like this, there will be bad consecuences. I can't hang out with my friends too so I have been staying home for a month.

I this injuries can't be healed I might need a walking stick for the rest of my life.

Details on needed funds

It doesn't seem so much, but we really can't afford the $330 I need.


If I receive the funds I will use the money to go to the hospital and receive a proper treatment that help my leg heal.

Any small help would be totally important to me! Thank you very much in advance!

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