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Harry Potter trip in London!

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Hello, my name is Maricar D. Armando. I am from Philippines. There are a lot of interesting places around the globe, but the place that I want to visit the most is London. I love London very much.

The biggest reason why I want to go to London is because I am a massive Harry Potter fan!

I started to fall in love with Harry Potter after I first watched the movie when I was young. After that I became so engrossed with the story and came to be interested with London. Starting from there, I took the time to learn about the culture, the city, the touristic spots and much more on Europe. I also started studying English by myself.

I have my own ideal image of my London trip, and so I have many places I want to visit. Especially King's Cross Station, Picadilly Circus, Leadenhall Market and many more as these places are related to the Harry Potter universe that I want to immerse myself with!

I want to record all the things I see, upload it into a blog or a social network and provide everyone useful travel information, like a global tour guide.

The things I am working hard on to realize my dream of going to London

I am doing my best everyday to realize my dream, however it is hard to save money for someone like me who is making ends meet in Philippines.

I also regulary look for new info on London and practice my english by watching TV programmes in English. If I have an opportunity to speak English I also focus on getting my accent right. I also am interested in English literature and so I am reading a lot English books!

Details on needed funds

As the distance from Philippines to England is far away, I would need around $ 2,500 to make it happen. I will be needing this funds to cover the flight cost, a place to stay, travelling around in the country itself and the application for my passport. As I mentioned before, the income here in Philipines is not much and it is almost impossible to save money for a trip to London. All this while the dream of travelling to London seems impossible, but with this project it may just come true!


Once I have collected the necessary funds, I plan to apply for the passport as soon as possible so that I can make my London trip on October this year!

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