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I need to raise funds to pay a kidney transplant surgery for my dad!

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Nice to meet you! I'm Cinthya Gomez and I'm from Arequipa, Peru.

My dad needs a kidney transplant surgery and I would like to raise some funds to be able to pay for it!

My dad is suffering from a kidney disease

My dad is 62 years old. In 2014 he was diagnosed with nephrosclerosis.

At first he received a treated that helped control the symtoms but suddently his condition got worse. He had to receive stronger treatments similar to chemotherapy that have negatively affected his immune system.

He is also receiving dialisys but the doctors recommended to go under kidney transplant surgery.

My uncle is going to donate my dad a kidney

The doctors examined compatibilities and found out that my uncle -my dad's brother- would be a suitable candidate so the transplant surgery could be performed.

The problem is that kidney transplant surgeries from alive patients can only be performed in big cities like Lima that is abount 1,000 km away from our home town.

In order to take care of my family I would like to go there and accompany my father and my uncle during the surgery and the recovery process.

My dad got health insurance but some expenses like accommodation and transportation are not covered as well as part of the post surgery treatment.

Difficulties when trying to save money

My parents are divorced and I'm living with my mum and my sister.

I'm working as Production Assistant and my monthly income is $269. I'm using part of my salary to support my family and pay for our living expenses.

My dad has also used a lot of money in medical expenses and our total savings don't exceed $200.

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $1,300 that will be used together with our savings to pay the transportation and medical expenses.


If everything goes well the surgery will take place around March in Lima.

I would like to raise as much funds as I can until February of this year. I don't know what could be do in case I can't manage to collect enough funds, but I will seek help from acquaintances and relatives.

We already have a loan so it's not possible to take a new one. I would really appreciate any little help you can bring to my dad! Thank you very much!

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