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My husband works for a big company in Singapore supervising labourers from a labour hire company. Most workers are from Bangladesh and their stories are heart breaking.

One young man we have grown close to is a big brother to all the workers. Although well educated in his trade he struggles to make ends meet. He has worked for the same company for 8 years 7 days a week and if he gets sick it's without pay.

He sends every cent back to his family in Bangladesh so has NO savings. He supports his aging parents, father recovering from bypass surgery mother too old to work. Older brother just had an eye removed from a tragic accident and needs medical bills assistance and lost his driving job as a result.

He has not been able to go home in 8 years and has a young woman he wants to marry back home as they are in love. Because he's broke he can't propose and bring her to SNG nor visit his family, he also supports a younger brother at school.

We found out after the event he spent all Christmas alone. He is a lovely young man and very hard worker. He's really skinny as he spends food money on his family and medical bills. We are going to help him out but can't do much as we are just starting again from financial ruin as well. PLEASE help him to take a paid trip home and pay off family debt. Any left over funds will provide for others in his position.

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