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We want to build a church in our village!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Veronica and I am from Surabaya!

I'm raising funds to be able to build a church in our village!

A congregation without a church

This village is a small one. Only 125 families are living here.

Most of the people here are Catholic, but we don't have a proper church to go, that's why we have to go to other villages.

If we could have a church here in our village, it would be a great improvement in our daily lifes!

The government just gave us $1,500

In my community, we're trying to do our best in order to get funds to build the church.

All the community is cooperating, but this is a poor village so people can barely provide financial support.

We tried to ask for help to the government but they just couldn't give us $1,500, that is not enough.

We really appreciate it, but we need more funds if we want to build the church, as we also have to buy the land.

It's difficult to get enough savings

I'm a housewife and I live with my husband and child.

My husband works but it's not enough to be able to save for the church. I want to collaborate financially too, but I can't.

That's why I'm trying to raise some funds through a crowdfunding project!

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $3,500 that will be use for the construction of our church. I would be really thankful if I can receive some support!


Everything I collect here will be used only for the church.

All our Catholic community, we're doing our best in order to fulfill this objective. In case we can't collect enough funds, we won't give up and we will collect used goods for resale and then donate to the church, and also sell used clothes.

I would be eternally gratefull for your support! Thank you very much!

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