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I want to immigrate to Netherlads with my family!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Ahmed! I'm from Yemen but I'm living in Egypt now!

I would like to collect some funds to be able to immigrate to Europe and have a future with my family!

A devastated country

I graduated from University in my country, Yemen, on 2014.

First, an economic and political crisis started, but it got worse until become a civil war where many lives have been lost. Due to that civil war I had to get out of my country, as we lost everything we had.

I couldn't get to Europe and lived in Egypt and Turkey, where I still can't find the live I want for my family.

The Netherlands: a welcoming country

Me and my family (my wife and my child), we are trying to survive.

I'm not being able to find a good job that allows me to support my family. I know that in Europe I would be able to get a future.

Netherlands is a very good and safe country and they are good at dealing with refugees.

I'm trying to do everything to be able to save enough money to go there with my family, but I can't do it on my own, and that's why I'm trying to ask for some help.

I want my family to be safe

Many Yemeni aim for Europe using old ships and putting their lives on risk

The usual rute is from Yemen via Africa to Egypt and cross the Mediterranean to Europe. Many refugees are distressed to cross the dangerous Mediterranean Sea.

I would like to ask for some support to be able to go to Netherlands in a safe way for my family.

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $1,500 that will help me and my family to go to Europe, in a country that gives me the right to live and helps me develop myself and start my life again.


I would like to start the trip as soon as I receive help.

In the meanwhile, I will do my best to be able to save some money too!

Once in Europe, I want to go to Netherlands and try to get some support and guidance there to start my life again.

If I can't collect enough funds I will have to keep living here until I manage to save enough, but that could be really long. I just want the best for me and my family, so I hope I can receive some support! Thank you very much!

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