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I need help to return a loan!

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Nice to meet you. My name is Valentina and I live in Irkutsk, Russia.

I would need help to be able to return a loan whose interests keep increasing everyday.

I took a loan to pay the treatment of my grandmother

A couple of years ago I asked for a loan of $500.

I needed the money to help my grandmother to pay her treatment and to pay the utilities.

I started to return it little by little but then I've got ill and I wasn't able to work, so I had to stop returning the loan.

Because of this, the amount to be returned has been increasing due to the interests, and now I have to return $2,100.

A difficult life

Currently I'm living by my own.

I'm working in a supermarket and I get $100 every month, that I use to pay the utilities. I barely can save money.

I also try to help my grandmother as much as I can, so my daily life is a little difficult.

I can't ask my family for help

These days I can't think about anymore but the loan. I'm really worried about that.

As the amount is incresing everyday and I don't know how to return it I can't even eat because of anxiety.

A while ago I had an argument with my mother and now my relationship with her is not good, so I can't ask her for help.

Your help is my last chance to solve my problem, so please help me!

Details on needed funds

As I've explained before, I need to return $2,100 and I only could save $300, so I hope you can help me to get $1,800 and be happy again.


If I receive enough help first thing I will do is to pay off the loan. I need to do it before this year ends.

If I don't get enough help I will need to think off a plan B, like to try to talk with my mum.

I would be grateful if you can help me with this problem so I can smile again and have a normal life! Thank you very much!

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