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I need a bike to go to University, to stop going by hitchhike

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Hello! My name is Danish Khan and I'm from Kohat, Pakistan!

I would like to raise funds to buy a bike so I can be able to go to University by myself.

College is at 30km from home

The house where I live with my family is in the countryside.

There are no bus stop. The nearest road is at 2km from home. I need to walk that distance and after that wait for someone who drive me to college.

The road back from college is exactly the same. When I hitchhike I also need to give the driver some money.

Bad weather days are especially awful. During summer temperatures can reach 45 degrees and it is easy to have a heatstroke.

I'm late very frequently

I don't know when I could be able to get to the university and I'm late many times.

This affects my grades, as sometimes i even can't attend the lesson, which is really bad for my future.

This is also not good for my health. Solution is simple but difficult: To buy a bike. But my dad's pension is not enough for me, my mum and my 5 brothers.

I wish I could have a part-time job, but how could I get to work without a transportation anyway?

Details on needed funds

I would like to buy a reliable bike, so I need $930 plus my own savings.


If I get enough funds I would like to buy a new bike, as I need to ride it a lot everyday.

With a bike I will have more time to study and to even find a part-time job to help my family.

I would really appreciate your collaboration!

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