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I want to support my wife and our future baby!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Muhammad and I'm from Bekasi, Indonesia.

Me and my wife we are going to have a baby in 4 months and I would like to raise some funds to be able to support my family!

Between Germany and Indonesia

My wife is German.

She is currently living in Germany with her family. We're going to have a baby around the end of May!

Having a baby, specially the first one, requires a lot of money to buy everything they need. We only have a few months left and I think I won't have time to save all the money we need!

High prices in Germany

I'm working on marketing and my monthly income is enough for Indonesia but in Germany its nothing.

My wife works as a freelancer, editing videos for YouTube, etc. Her monthly income of $500 is also extremely low for Germany's prices.

We are living in different countries. Sometimes she helps me so I can come to Germany or she goes to indonesia for a few months just for being together. This takes a lot of money too.

Our savings are not enough to take care of our baby and pay for everything we need.

A future together

As I explained, we try to travel to each other's country as much as we can, so we can be together, which requires a lot of expenses.

My wife's parents trying to help as much as they can but they can't contribute more than they already do. Our plan is to live together in Germany.

I'd rather Indonesia but I'm willing to move definitely to Germany, for my family.

Details on needed funds

If possible I would like to raise $1,100 to buy all the stuff for our baby. I would be eternally grateful for your help!


All the funds I manage to collect will be delivered to my wife.

In case I can't collect enough funds for my family I think I will have to find another job or something, because without that money I won't be able to support my baby when he or she is born.

What I know for sure is that I'm going to do my best to get my wife and future baby all the support I can.

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