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Construction of a nutrition and training center for children

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Hi everybody!

I am a social worker from Medellin, Colombia in South America and I work for the well-being of the children of a poor neighborhood, with problems of violence, drug addiction, criminal gangs and lack of opportunities for children.

The consequences of the age of violence of the 80s and 90s by Pablo Escobar are still visible. A lot of children have grown up with the mentality of committing crimes, believe that they can get easy money and that is precisely what we are trying to change.

My project consists in building a center for nutrition and education for children, in foreign languages, in technology and protection of the environment, so that all these children will have access to a good food after going out of their schools, they will enjoy a well-equipped library, they will play with toys instead of weapons, they will use the internet and, fundamentally, they will learn how to live in peace.

Please help us with your donation to build and equip the nutrition and training center for children, all contributions are welcome. Thanks so much for your bounty!

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