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We need funds to fix the roof of our house

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Hello! My name is Lili and I live in El Progreso, Honduras!

This project is to receive help to fix the roof of our house, which is remarkably damaged.

An unfinished reform

Currently I'm living with my family

When we moved to this house, it was really small for all so my dad started to work on different reforms. Unfortunately my dad passed away in 2009 and he couldn't finish his work.

There are many parts of my house that are unfinished, especially the roof.

Every year from May to November there is a rainy season in my country, and even Hurricanes can come. During rainy days a lot of water is filtered inside the house and it could become very dangerous for us. We're really worried about that.

My mum can barely sleep because of this

My mum is the one I'm most worried about

She is always worried about what could happens in the future with us so she can't sleep. If the roof could be fixed, she could smile again.

My brother and my sister could be happy also and we could even invite friends to our house.

We have no money to fix the roof

Jobs in Honduras are not well paid.

I'm are a computer engineer, but my monthly income is around $150. My brother is also working but his salary is not very different to mine.

In two years we could saved around $500, but we can wait more time, as this is a dangerous situation.

Details on needed funds

To pay necessary materials and workforce we need now $1,600, that turns into $1,100 if we include our savings. I hope you can help my family, even a little.


If we get enough support we want to start fixing the roof as soon as we can, especially before rainy season. We would like to start with the reform before this year ends.

If we don't receive enough support we will have to wait more, but we will try to save everything we can.

Thank you very much for your collaboration!

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