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Funding 5 set of 32 inch LED Colour TV For Poor and Needy

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My name is James Ho and I am working for Sunlove Senior Activity Centre in Chai Chee, a mission to serve and care for the poor and needy. They are the elderly ranging from age of 60 years to 90 years old.

Living in a rental flat unit which is owns by Housing Development Board (HDB), these elderly who are retiree, jobless and normally gets funding from Comcare, a community service that offers help to many elderly financially for S$300 to $500 per month only. The funding usually lasts for 6 months or a year.

With this low money, it can be harder for many elders that spending is careful and restricted such as paying rental for S$26 or $50 pending on approval by the Comcare. Apart from this, they have to pay for water & electrical bills, daily meals (2 meals the least and usually skips breakfast), travelling and medical fees. 80% of these elderly normally suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

As a centre coordinater, I would do home visits for those especially frail and home bound. Though senior activity centre provides free coffee, newspaper, games, movies and karaoke, however, some elderly are weak and bound by wheel chair.

A typical time spending is confined at their small single room to watch television.

Many single elderly has small old tv which are fading, fluctuating colors and soon be gone.

My aim is to get funding for 5 set of 32 inch LED colour tv that may helps them to learn, enjoying educational and drama tv programs so that they are not bored and getting dementia.

A 32 inch LED TV is about S$230 offers by retail or sales in shopping mall.

Few elderly who are believers may get free from their church or donated by kins or friends.

Seeking funding of TV, refrigerator and bed are not easily funded by sponsors from company or donors. Usually, dry ration for each month is the only provision for them.

I would appreciate any kind soul wishing to contribute funding for 5 color television would be a good companion for these elderly spending time in their home.

I thank you for their love in helping the poor and needy

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