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I'm Juan Moncada, a musician from Cali that has been working 5 years on his project, and making music since 8 years ago.

My music has different genders like Cumbia, Andean folklore, national and international rock, acoustic music...

Currently I'm going to start recording my own CD, in which I want to include 8 songs of the 12 I have wrote so far.

Recording fee is $12 per hour, and my idea would be to record it with other musician mates that could enrich my own music, finishing the work in 30 hours or so. After that, we need to proceed with the mastering process that costs 15 dollars per song. Also, I would like to include the cost of promoting my work and participate in different music festivals.

Here, you can check my work. It has been done thanks to the precious help of my friends, but it know that this can go further and success, and that's why I'm asking you to help me.

I would be really happy if you collaborate by sharing my project!

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