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I want to pay university fees for myself.

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Hello everyone, I'm Yokavatanii from Malaysia. I'm 22 now. The reason I came here because I can't find any solutions to my problems.

It has always been my dream to study forensic science. But unfortunately, Malaysia doesn't provide an eligible certificate, as our system here is not much developed for this study. But it was my dream. And when I was crying and being hopeless, my best friend gave me an idea to apply abroad, and Amity University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates offers a good education, and this includes the forensic science course.

I searched and contacted the university, and they sent me the offer letter and the fees structure. And there's the problems arises. It needs so much of money where my family couldn't afford at all. My father had an accident recently by last year, and his left leg was amputated and spent lots of money for the prosthetic leg. My family is in serious financial problems, that sometimes we can't even afford to eat. Is it wrong to have such big dreams when I was in a poor family ? Is it wrong if I keep on believing that there will be a miracle in my life one day and so that I could go for studies ? Is it wrong ?

Due to this financial problems, my studies and dreams have been delayed until now. I got heartbroken and puzzled about what to do. And here I am, asking for help. Please help me to achieve my dreams for studies. I would use the money you donate, to pay some of the fees for my course. It's for studies. I will fight for my studies. I want to be a forensic expert in DNA or criminalistics, as I wished for. It's my dream. Please help me.

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