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Raising funds to treat the scars caused by a traffic accident!

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Nice to meet you! I'm from Accra, Ghana, and my name is Yaw Tweneboah.

I had a traffic accident a while ago and I would like to raise some funds to be able to treat the aftermaths of the accident on my face.

I had a traffic accident on 2017

On October 25th of 2017 I was involved in a traffic accident.

I got a fracture on my tibia and humerus and I also lost 3 teeth. I was hospitalized after the accident so I got a lot of medical debts.

I would like to raise some funds so I can pay back all my medical debts in addition to be able to completely fix my face scars and teeth.

Living alone since long ago

I lost my parents many years ago.

My sister is my family now and I'm very grateful to her, as she tool care of me when I couldn't walk due to the accident.

Her job is to sell water.

I work as a sawmill worker but our salaries are not higher than $100. Of course, we don't have any health insurance so all our medical expenses have to be paid by us.

Doing my best to save some money

I've managed to save $150 for my medical purpose.

However, the treatment is quite expensive and it would take me years to get all the amount i need. Taking a loan is not an option as I still have medical debts to pay back.

I really hope for everyone to support me!

Details on needed funds

In order to pay the treatment to fix my scars and pay back the hospital bills I would need $850. I will use my savings too so I hope you can support me to raise $700.


In case I manage to collect enough funds, first, I will pay back the hospital bills.

Also, I will pay for a treatment to fix my face scars and teeth and I think I will become a new happy person after that. I'm desperate, so if I can't get enough support I think I will have to beg for money on the streets because I don't know who else could help me.

My future and my happiness is in your hands. I will be eternally grateful for your support!

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