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I want to work in United States as babysitter.

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Hello! My name is Cristian and I live in Cucuta, Colombia!

My dream is to work as a babysitter in United States!

Many problems at home

Last January I had an argument with my parents and I had to leave home.

The reason is that I told my parents that I'm gay, and they didn't support me.

After that I had to leave my home and my situation became really difficult.

I'm staying with a friend

Currently, I'm living with a friend.

I'm working in a restaurant and my montly income is around $120. To me is really difficult to pay a rent and that's why my friend welcomed me into her home.

I feel bad because I know that I'm causing troubles to my friend, but I've got a way to be independent: to go to United States to work as babysitter.

There is this agency who search a family for you in United States and prepare all the paper work. I don't really have experience as babysitter but I know I'm really good at children!

I can study while working

Depends on the family that accept me, my destination will be different.

Doesn't matter where I work, as long as I stay in United States I should be economically self-reliant.

I would be able to save money and become and independent person to be proud of.

I hope you can help me make this dream come true!

Details on needed funds

I would like to ask support to collect $1,200 to be able to pay to the agency and get my driving license, which is necessary for this job!


If I achieve the target, I would like to get first my drive license. In the meanwhile I will be studying English and when I'm ready, I will move to United States!

I'm planning to stay there about 2 years, to learn a lot and save enough money to come back to my country and have a future.

I can't do this alone, so any little help would be really appreciate! Thank you very much!

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