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Hi Im Jack . Today Im raising fund for my sister education in MALAYSIA, she always love drawing and animation . My sister Elynna is 18 and just graduate from High School

Let me tell you about my story . Went i was a kid i always want to be a DJ when i grow up . But sadly my parents wont pay any money for my course because my parents thought DJ is stupid and useless . I try to persuade them but they still wont listen any single word that i said and i still remember what my dad said to me "DJ IS ONLY FOR USELESS PERSON AND DJ HAVE NO FUTURE" My heart was broken at that time . They want me to be a mechanic so yeah im a mechanic now.

My parent stop paying for my sister tuition fee and other things when i get a job and i start paying everything for my sister . Now my sister has graduate and want to study at UNDO Academy and yeah guess what when she told my parents about this , the answer is still NO . Because my parent want my sister to be a nurse.

Here the fee for the college

And here the link for the college

The fee is too much for me and i cant afford it . I need to pay my car , phone bills and so much thing that cost me around MYR1060(250$) per month and my salary is only MYR2700(660$) per month (work as mechanic) . The fees for this school is cost MYR77200 (18850$) and MYR1000(244$) is deposit that can be refund.

So guys please , im asking you to help me to achieve my sister dream ! I want my sister to follow her dream not make my parents happy.

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