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My sister needs a treatment for her heart disease!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Dian and I'm from Indonesia!

I would like to raise some funds to be able to help my sister to pay the treatment she needs for her heart disease!

My sister is suffering from heart valve disease

My sister is 26 years old and she used to work as a teacher.

Since some months ago, she started to feel sick. We went to the hospital and she was diagnosed with heart valve disease.

The doctor says that she needs a surgery, but my family can't afford it!

Not enough savings

My sister is not able to work because of her disease.

She loved her job and now she's feeling really sad for not being able to teach the children. She's also has chest pain very frequently.

Our dad is working as a farmer, and his monthly income is not enough for supporting all the family.

It's just too much for the family to pay the surgery cost, and that's why I decided to open this project!

A regular treatment is not enough

I'm studying at University, in another city.

Thanks to a scholarship, I'm able to pay for tuition fees and expenses, but I don't have a way to save money. This is the only way to help my family, then.

Without the surgery, my sister will be receiving just regular treatment, and her condition won't get better.

Details on needed funds

Please, help me raise $1,460 that will help my family to pay for the surgery, treatment and other expenses!


All the funds I manage to collect will be given to my sister, for her surgery.

As soon as she recovers, she will back to her teacher job, and I know she will be happy again!

In case I can't collect any support, I will try to borrow from other people or my family, friends who can help me. But I'm not sure it could be possible.

I will be eternally thankful for any little support you could send to my project! Thank you very much!

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