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Help for surgery and treatment for my little brothers!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Mai Le Vy and I'm from Vietnam.

I have 2 little brothers who need treatment and surgery, and that's why I need Airtripp Funding.

They need surgery

My brothers are twin brother and they are 8 years old.

One of them has a congenital defect in his legs known as Clubfoot, and because of that he can't walk correctly. He had surgery years ago, but it was unsuccessful.

My other brother has Glaucoma and he needs medicine for his eyes and a future surgery too.

They can't play like other children

My brothers can't play with other children normally, due to their dissabilities.

The one who has problem in his feet can't run with other children. The other one hasn't any problem with his legs, but he has vision problem.

It's very important for them to get a proper treatment and surgery so they can be like the other children.

This situation is causing a bad effect in their mood.

I want them to get their treatments before it's too late

The economic situation in my family is not very good.

My mum can't work because she is taking care of the children, as they can't be alone. I'm just a student, so I can't contribute.

My dad is a doctor, but his salary is not enough for all the expenses: the doctors, utilities, school, treatment... We can barely save money.

That's why I'm asking for your help.

Details on needed funds

To pay the surgery, treatment and rehabilitation we would need $1,500. I'm asking help to collect $1,300.


If we have enough support we would like to start the treatment next year on May. It would be also needed rehabilitation after the surgery.

I would really appreciate any little help you could bring to us. Thank you very much in advance!

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