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My dream: travel to China to practice the language!

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Hello! My name is Nadia Regina and I live in Villaricca (Naples, Italy)!

I'm studying Chinese at University and my dream is to be able to practice what I learned in China.

A beautiful and poetic language

I'm studying Chinese at University.

I randomly discovered the beauty of Chinese language when I was about 13 years old and I discovered that the word "tomorrow" is literally translated as "bright day".

Since I also write poems I have found that way of forming new words in Chinese is very poetic and that's why I decided I wanted to work with this language.

Fortunately I'm not only learning the language, as I'm able to learn a lot about Chinese culture, and it's a culture that amazes me. I would really love to experience it with my 5 senses.

I want to improve my Chinese language skills

My country is not enough for this purpose. I don't get any chance to practice the language I'm learning.

If I go to China I will be able to speak with native speakers and meet Chinese native friends!

I have to walk through Chinese streets, eat actual Chinese food, meet real native Chinese people and I have to feel their culture.

I can't afford this dream by myself

In South Italy there is a lot of unemployment.

I'm searching for part-time jobs, but I haven't found nothing here. It's really difficult, especially for young people.

I can't ask too much to my parents, who wouldn't like me to go so far. When it's my birthday or Christmas I always ask for money hoping one day I could travel thanks to them, and I missed a lot of events I would have liked to join in order to save some money.

I really appreciate your cooperation!

Details on needed funds

To start, I think I could travel with $1,200. I will try to save $200 until the trip, so what I need is $1,000.


If possible I would like to travel to China during February.

I want to visit as many places I can, enjoy its culture and, of course, practice a lot and improve my Chinese skills!

Thank you for helping me to make my dream come true!

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