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I want to collect fund to build a Balinese Traditional house

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Gede Angga Wisnawa
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Hello! "Om Swastiastu"

My name is Gede Angga Wisnawa i live in Denpasar,Bali.

I am 26 years old Balinese man who have a dream to build a Traditional Architecture family house in Denpasar, Bali.

For now i work as a hotel staff around Ubud area.

As a staff of hotel my income is low, i don't have much left over at the end of the month, i tried my best to save my profit and salary like already 6 years and by now it is not even 1/18 of the total cost. I found that is like impossible for me to make my dream come true. 

Traditional Balinese House

I have still my dad (56yo) with me, he was an artist of Balinese stone carving, he is also have the same dream like me. Every day we talk about how we build the house, what to put on the entrance, what kind of flower we will put around our family temple like we already have the money to do it. It's really sad that we are only cheering for our self every day. 

For now we can only can do what we only can do slowly, we know that there still long way to go, but we will keep smiling and never lose faith.

There is not so many things to see yet, but sometime we have visitor from other countries that cheering us up with laugh and joy. we are very glad to have them with us. We are more than happy to welcoming them again and let them stay with us in our Traditional Balinese house to experience the culture and atmosphere of Bali when the house is complete,  or even other visitor who like to come and stay is very welcomed.

My Education Plan

I hope i can continue my education for Information and Communication Technology in University to be able to make a Travel Agent business, so i can welcome people who visit Bali and making sure they will have a wonderful holiday in Bali "The Land of Gods" 

The money we raise will directly used to buy the materials like wood, sand, cement, ceramics, tiles, stones, marbles. We are not using a carpenter by now to reduce the cost. 

Every donation helps us, no matter how small or large. So we'd love your support as we go forward in faith and spirit! Would be more than happy to welcoming you in Bali and introduce you our house, culture, people and place to visit, making sure your holiday in Bali wonderful and unforgettable.

Thank you very much

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