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I want to visit my family in Mexico

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Hello! My name is Esmeralda and I live in Omaha, United States!

My dream is to travel to Mexico to meet with my family!

Looking foward to see my grandmother

My parents are from Mexico. They moved to United States many years ago.

My siblings are I were born in United States but we still love Mexican culture because we were raised in it.

I visited Mexico when I was a child but I couldn't go anymore. I still love that country a lot.

Besides that, my grandmother recently got hurt when she fell down and broke her arm. We're really worried about her and we need to check if she is okay.

A surprise for my mum

My mum is really worried about my grandmother.

That's why I would like her to travel with me to Mexico. I want to purchase her ticket too as a surprise, so we can travel together.

I'm looking foward to meet with my cousins, to taste Mexican food and to enjoy this colorful culture and country.

We can't do this alone

I'm working as a cashier.

I work everyday to save money for the trip, even with a monthly income so low as mine.

With just a little help me and my mum will be able to travel to Mexico!

Details on needed funds

The most important thing is the flight ticket and the transportation. Considering our savings, we would need $700.


I want to travel to Mexico before the end of the year, as we really need to see my grandmother.

Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration!

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