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Coffee with Love!!

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Coffee is the main crop of the Ethnic group.Their coffee is grown in the highland of Lam Dong province in Vietnam Central Highland.The coffee trees growing so well in this place. Most of  Vietnam’s Coffee have produce from The Central Highland.Their brand name is MNUM COFFEE, Mnum is the local language for mean Mountain. 

The funds will kickstart efforts  to bring the quality and premium production from the highland plantation to the market. With slogan “LOVE NEVER FAILS”.We also want like to produce the production from the heart with love. On behalf of the community we want to bring a premium coffee into your cup.We have a whole process, most of the stages are made by hand.From the processes of planting, caring, harvesting  and processing finished coffee.

With the love and support , the highland villages will be able to start their own coffee business and build up their small highland community.

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