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I want to restore my parent's house that was damaged by a storm!

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Hello everyone! My name is Juna Saimin and I am from Serang, Indonesia.

I plan to repair my parent's house that was badly damaged by a storm!

Parent's house was badly damaged by a storm 5 years ago

My 76 year old mother is living alone in her house.

5 years ago, there was a terrible storm and it badly damaged her house. One part of the house was destroyed, and currently the house is not safe to live in as it could not effectively protect my mom from winds and rain.

Therefore, I plan to repair the house!

Siblings are too busy with their own family

Currently, I am a housewife.

My husband is a farmer, and he earns about $100 a month. I am taking care of 4 lovely children who are all students. Because of the daily expenses, we do not have the luxury to save a lot of money.

I have 4 other siblings, but they got their hands full with their own family so it is hard for them to help.

My mother wishes to continue living in her house

Regardless of the current condition of the house, my mother still wishes to continue living in her house.

My mother do not wish to leave the house, so I plan to atleast let her live there in a safe environment, I also understand the nostalgic value of the house, so I plan to repair the damage.

So please everyone, I hope for your support to repair my parent's house!

Details on needed funds

The materials and also the construction fee amounts to $1160. I can only manage to support around $150, so I need support for around $1010!


I will start the repairs of the house as soon as I manage to collect the funds.

It is not safe to further prolong the current state of the house, so if possible I want to collect the funds in around 2~3 months. Once I have purchased the materials, I plan to hire 2 workers to finish the repairs in 2~3 months.

I this project does not work, I out of options to help my mother.

Taking a loan for my husband that is a farmer is impossible, so my mother will keep staying in that house. Please, I hope for your support everyone!

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