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I want to make come true my mum's dream: travelling to Europe!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Mohamed Laaroussi and I'm from Morocco!

I would like to help my mum to make her dream come true, which is travelling to Europe!

I want to make my mum happier

I lost my dad a few years ago.

Since then, my mum is feeling sad. She has been always taking care of my and my siblings and I would like her to achieve her dream and get the trip of her dreams to create new happy memories and have fun.

She has been always dreamming on travelling to Europe, I would really love to make it real!

It's really difficult to find a job

Currently, my elder brother is the one who is supporting the family.

I'm studying Law in the university so I can't work full time to get some money. My mum is a housewife so she wouldn't be able to pay the trip cost herself.

Besides that, finding a job in my country is really difficult these days.

I can't ask my brother to help me, because he is already doing a big effort so support me and my mum.

I will travel with my mum

My mum hadn't travelled alone and she won't feel very comfortable to do it.

I would like to travel with her and enjoy Europe and have fun with my mum.

If I'm able to see my mum's happy face, I will be very happy too. I'm really looking forward to see my mum's smile again!

Details on needed funds

I would need $900 to be able to travel. I just have $270, so I would like to raise $630 to complete the target!


If I manage to collect enough funds, I would like to travel next summer.

We would like to visit, if possible, Greece, German, Spain and Turkish, but if the collected funds are not enough, we will visit less countries.

If I can't collect any support I will have to wait until I'm able to save money.

After my graduation I will try to do my best to find a nice job and help my mum as much as I can, but I would really appreciate if you can help me to achieve her dream! Thank you very much!

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