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I want to help my best friend who has breast cancer!

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Hello! My name is Xyrine and I live in Bacorod, Philippines.

I would like to raise some funds to help my best friend, who has breast cancer.

Stage 4 cancer

My friend's name is Maria. She has breast cancer at stage 4.

I met Maria at the church of our community in 2014. Maria is the leader of our church group and she is loved by everyone here.

She has 37 years old. She is not married and she hasn't siblings. She lives with her mother and grandmother. Her mother also suffers from diabetes, so they have a very difficult situation.

Her cancer is at stage 4, so she might not make it even with a treatment, but her life could be longer and better. Please, help her!

She is like my sister

Maria is a very cheerful person. She always took care of me as a elder sister.

She always was concerned about me and helped me a lot so this time is my chance to help her.

Salaries in my country are really low so I can't save enough money to help her. I'm planning to sell a lot of my own belongins so I can make more money to give to her. I think I could give her around $300.

She needs to keep with her treatment

She knew that she had cancer last year.

She has spent a lot of money in expensive treatments and currently she can't afford for more.

We don't have enough money to help her and that's why I'm asking for your cooperation.

Details on needed funds

Maria needs money for her treatments and daily life. I want to give her my own $300 and I hope you can cooperate with another $1,000.


Every single dollar I'll get will be for Maria.

If it's not enough I would try to thing another ways to get more funds.

I would be grateful to any little help you can bring to us! Thank you!

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